Outreach Ministry

The Food Pantry and Clothing Closet is open the third Tuesday of every month from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. Monetary contributions for the Food Bank and donations of clothing in good repair are needed. Thank you for your generosity in helping these outreach ministries.


Children’s Ministry

Jesus said "Let the little children come to me." Our Children's ministry features a Children's Moment during Sunday Service, which is presented to all of our attending children. It’s for kids 1 years old and up. St Luke UMC is determined to teach our children not only about God's love, but also the process of spiritual growth.


Young Adult Ministry

Meet our Young Adult Group, "The Unit." We believe our young adults are not just the church of tomorrow but the church of today! Our young adult group are for ages 17 and up and meets every Sunday, after church service, in the youth room.  If you want to be more involved or have any other questions, please contact the church at 770-948-8504.


Youth Ministry

Our Youth Ministry features age groups from (). We encourage our youth group to participate in praise and worship and also teach them about different ways that they can grow in their faith. We also engage them in community service and fun activities both inside and outside of our church. To learn more out this ministry or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Kathy Gill at 770-948- 8504.


Men's Ministry

Our Men's Ministry has a goal to strengthen the connection between the Men in the community and God. The Men in this Ministry range from all different ages and backgrounds. This Ministry not only participates in service work but it also engages in fellowship and training Men to be leaders both in and out of church. If you are interested in this Ministry, please contact Gary Brown at 770-948-8504.


Women's Ministry

Our Women's Ministry engages women in the study of the gospel and the process of spiritual growth. Our mission is to help and connect with women not only in our church, but also in the community. One of the ways you can see our women in action is during our Ladies' bible study called Lydia's cirlce, Coming Soon! If you need more information, please contact Mrs. Connie Moore at 770-948-8504. 

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Dance Ministry

Meet St. Luke's dance team, Radiance. They are a dance group that specializes in liturgical and lyrical choreography. If you are interested and want to join, contact us at 770-948-8504. Please be sure to watch our dance performances under the "Dance Videos" tab found above.